Digital vs acoustic pianos action

I’ve recently had the chance to try several acoustic pianos including a Steinway grand, which I don’t think was properly regulated, but I don’t have any way of determining this for sure.

I own a Yamaha CLP-535 digital. The keys are on the heavy side compared to some acoustics, but the action feels smoother, more even and more responsive than any acoustic I have played. This allows me better control of dynamics and articulation. On acoustics, including the Steinway, I can’t shape phrases exactly how I want because I am at the mercy of the individual key’s quirks.

It seems like one of three things must be true:

a. all the acoustics I played on have something wrong with their action and I wouldn’t have this problem if I played a properly-regulated concert grand
b. there is something very wrong with my technique
c. mid-ranged digitals actually do have a more even and responsive action than acoustics (I wonder if the pros could achieve more advanced phrasing effects on them?)

Any thoughts on this?

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Nevah blame yozelf when u can blame da 88

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What is that supposed to mean?


I noticed the same thing. This explains it.

Depending on attack and release grand waaay more responsive and fast but diff skill than digi really. In that way grands easier to go fast/repeat notea BUT grand output potential waaaay more than a couple 4 inch speakers which means dynamics are proportionally harder to control.

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@ the OP: I grew up with an acoustic upright 88 but didn’t play for a long time and then did a lot of practice on a Yamaha keyboard. I thought I had a lot of control on it, but when I moved to playing acoustics again, it took me a long time to adjust fully and recalibrate the relationship between touch and key response. I remember giving a recital on a Bosendorfer grand and finding it almost impossible to control anything below mf. At the time I thought it was the instrument but now I understand that my touch had become poor when it came to playing on acoustics, even if I thought it was fine on a keyboard.


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