Dinu Lipatti

Are any of you familiar with the recordings of Dinu Lipatti? I would welcome any comments since I have not heard him.

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One of the finest pianists that ever lived. :rectum:

The two CDs from the Great Pianists set do fine as an introduction.

he haz a legendary ZART 310 amongzt otha zheeyatz ive heard from him :pimp:


Taken from his last concert. I’ve never heard it played better.

His Petrarch 104 and Alborado are untouched, to my mind.

And his left hand sonatina is not bad.

definitely check out his recordings, tremendous pianist.

Best Alborada by about a mile. His B flat Partita from Besancon is very nice too.

His Bach partita 1 recordings (both live and studio) are great, ditto for his Chopin recordings (especially the Waltzes); I’m not too fond of most of his concerto recordings, though the Schumann with Karajan is very famous

chopin 3rd sonata god DAMN

have you heard Kapell? I think that one is even better.

A friend of mine has the Fiorentino Chopin 3rd sonata, I like that recording more than the Kapell and perhaps even more than the Lipatti

is it the APR one ? I like it too, especially the third movt.

yeah, the APR recording

I wish we could find out if the Concert Artist Fiorentino Chopin 3rd / Liszt Sonata is real. It’s a hell of a recording.


I still feel DK had the right reaction to this pianist. :-1:

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I’m also not a tremendous fan. The playing is a bit limp and he certainly does not have the “golden tone”

Not sure why Anally puts him at #1

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