dis forum

Was da former Chairman a cock ? 8)

  • yes
  • no

0 voters

dat iz hilarious
do u mofos realize dis forum iz even more sheeyat dan it was at nico time 8)
dere iz no feature not even da quick answah, da banner iz a bit sheeyat and da login sheeyat doesn’t even work fo mah-bad-self

conclusion: da chairman iz a cock 8)



to balance things up me voted fo no 8)

hahaha ic da nerd cums flaccid today
I don’t blame u fo dat… only a few TRU mofos can hold deir erection 24/7 8)

Guess who voted no. 8)

hint hint:

she be refering to moi


it wasnt me 8)

Da irony here is,

Even da chairman is a cock, he actually has no cock.

da double posting iz unwikid 8)

dere iz lots of fuckupz

we need da kev to sort dis sheeyat

dat iz fixed 8)


iz da Chairman a cock ?
70% [ 7 ]
30% [ 3 ]

Total Votes : 10

zepp - de evidence pointz to da fact dat u iz a cock 8)

Ohh the gensui of it all… :laughing:

correct 8)

i don’t know cuz moi iz new here

i think yo camel iz a girl

yep, an SDC male camel wud haff a 47.3 inch peniz hangin 8)

And da zeppp reminds da comme of who’s boss by executing his CG-Edit-Counter-Attack!

Da brilliance requires shades. 8)

Whoops, I meant that the nark countered with the CG.

My shades were on too tight to see properly. 8)

hahaha, da comme wearz hiz shadez above hiz dong

this is pure CG right now :laughing: