dis new dongah CD..........................

juz… no comment… :dong:

WTF IS DA JOPLIN DOIN THERE! looks like da fuckin bachscholar tube channel


wut duz da dongah do with all hiz $$$ ? 8)

Dongah = M Night Shamalalalayan ov da 88

tell me this is a joke?!

I don’t care if there are a billion chinese, how long is the classical music industry going to perpetuate this farce?

it’s gone from amusing to just plain sad. Like baby-mauled-to-death-by-a-pittbull sad. for real.

well - he DID get famous on this ticket, so by the looks of it, he’ll be there quite a while longer…

ahahah mannn da ONE SHEEYAT dat zhud have deztroyed da dongah career haz now ended up lyk diz:

Tommy Vietor, a White House spokesman, said the song is ‘widely known and popular in China for its melody. Lang Lang played the song without lyrics or reference to any political theme … Any suggestion that this was an insult to the United States is just flat wrong.’

zo i guezz da pitbull haz now evolved into an actual bull, n iz now takin on
mo worthy opponentz 8)

daim…dis iz lyk a liberace record orzumthin :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

DONGAH new program

Bach Partita No.1 in B-flat major
Schubert Sonata in B-flat major, D. 960

Chopin 12 Etudes op.25

da schubert zon vil either be comedic GENZUI o absolutely sheeyat, wit no possibility in between

on da otha hand, never haz da ‘recycle’ label on da case zeem more relevant

tiz :laughing:

He’s definitely out of his mind

What’s with the Gran Turismo btw?

i think dey asked him to for some soundtrack in da racing game

a racing game wif classical 88 muzic, go figurez