Dis piano genius has 3.2 million followers

Dis guy

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The tube format juz basically a platform fo a whole new artform.

Unfortunately more exquisite n intellectual approaches are niche and not accessible to the general youtube user.

Certain people are better off initially buying robot views, say - Anna Borysivna Fedorova - whose mother fucking (pretty good) Rach 2 was propelled to popularity by an initial purchase of roboviews. Diz info from da Diraña btw.

Wtf how da fuck am I thinking rationally recently?
Rezpek da 2019!


Man I always wondered why her Rach 2 was popular. Damn dis insider info sounds true.

Good point about the new artform, it’s kind of like that.

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Rezpec da TM inzightful anal-yziz :sunglasses:

Da TM momentary clarity of mind.

Tru, tube is for the masses hence a more direct form of expression.

How does she know this? The video is from Avroklassiek. You’re saying they bought the views? That was already a popular channel at the time (if I remember correctly, at least I remember I was already subbed to them).

Tru, da Diraña claimed dat particular vid got an initial bump wiz robo views (legal btw) aftah which, it became da first result fo da Rock 2 on da tube.


But how did she know that?

She has her sources.
She also claims dat da Lola wuz born in 1982 and not 1985 like it says on her official bio.

Sounds like girl trash talk. I have no idea why they act like this - when a friend here got his current girlfriend 3-4 years ago, a mutual friend of ours (who is a girl) couldn’t stop talking about how ugly she was.

Haha women. One of my friends said about my ex ‘What did you see in her? She’s not even good looking’.

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So, da :hui: won’t like da :princess: ?

Da bezt plan iz to get zelfiez wiz any hot chick u can find n ‘pretend’ to any nu chick da dey iz yo exz

Den when U gettin to noe a nu chick dey c yo ztandardz iz high zo it keepz dem on deir toez by zeein u mingle wiz high clazz hoez :sunglasses:

tru da :tm: do thiz with da lolita uzin :hui: zelfiez :sunglasses:


Dats rite!

Da CHOLITA only got curious aftah zhe found out da TM not single

uzin :hui: zelfiez

Untru. I only send pics of maizelf

In drag


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WHOA, he’s conquered all the Everests of the piano literature!
For some reason his mannerisms really bother me…

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Fuck all 10


HAHAHAHA da TROLL TECH of diz mofo a bit legendary!!!

Notice he needed to uze hiz clazzik point-to-da camera move 3 fuckin tymz b4 unleazhin da coldfart

a tru matzah of zuzpenze :sunglasses:



Also da 88 hammahs on display

Tiz instantly make any vid

Hahaha da smooth fat imp