discuss da ziff, what makes him unique

What do you think is da best trait in Gyorgy Cziffra’s pianism? :ziff:

I think…

:ziff: Cziffra’s articulation is what makes him unique- each note in scales and octaves, and repeated notes, is percicely taken, and then released. he never blurs passages when he plays fast, he plays fast but everything is crystal clear. :dong:

:dong: i love and repect the ziff because of his phenomenal articulation. probably the only other person that can play with equal articulation is Volodos.

Discuss why you love cziffra’s playing, and what makes it unique! :ziff:

:stop: :stop:

unique? :rectum:

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da unprediktableness

tell me, why do you love cziffra?

discuss :stop:

Cause he plays how I’d like to play…


He has a sound of his own which is just as special of that of Gilels, Horowitz, Fiorentino, Hofmann etc. This is his best asset imo. :ziff:

he plays da classical shit jazz style :slight_smile:

then tops it with a fuk load of fury :ziff:

dis gives him an insurmountable fury-moiztah ratio

in short:

he is a pianistic god :lib:

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your avatar is friggin nice…

he fuckin breaks octaves at da speed of light. 8) :ziff: