Diz clazzic Feztin venue!


Hahaha I’ve had too many people sending me this recently. Datz my 88 :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Over 1m views on social media and I’m in the hundreds boohoo sniff lol


I may have to launch a return counterstrike with da TETRIZ VARZ :stuck_out_tongue:

On da cg front, there was an unexpected surprise at another station 88 when I’d finished and a mofo observed “that was Liszt, wasn’t it? Lucia di Lammermoor?” (mofo wuz correct as well).


Dude, just wear TINY shorts and a leather vest next time!

In fairness, da mofo wuz good at what he wuz doing. :sunglasses:

Btw, a “new” (it’s pretty fucked) 88 has been placed in da railway station in COMMELAND.


These in London? gotta be there in a few weeks… perhaps play first three pages of FF. Hehe twill be international crime ; )


It would be EPIC

Yeah, there is one at St Pancras station (it sort of joins on to the main station, Kings Cross), which I didn’t get a chance to check out last time I was there. There are others but I can’t name them offhand.

Hmm I’ll see if I can squeeze in a public shred. No time to be back in town to practice beforehand, so… should be pretty good ; )

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