diz entire zon in doc mirrah tech


ahaha tha part of 2 of 4 wuz kind of wikid :gav:

tha lazt part remind me of Weztzide Ztory wiz down zyndrome 8)

Haha FUCK I am typesetting a shitload of works (chopets, tricky beethoven parts, etc) for my thesis about left handed works, in which I also explaing about this tech to improve your left hand and brain matter 8)

this is totally awesome to use, i need the score :slight_smile:

Just listened to the whole thing. I really wanna learn it, perhaps it’s not the greatest piece you could write in this tech but it’s real fun. But what a fucking DULL performance

haha it haf zum gensui

sheetmusicplus.com/store/smp … ail:inside

alzo wrote etz :doc:

there are better pieces written in strict contrary motion, not least the 3rd prelude of Dutilleux “play of opposites”

haha i iz inspired to compose a etude after this… respec! part 4/4 iz a bit too classic

The only interesting aspect about this piece is the mirror aspect :frowning:

sadly tru