Diz random thread

I’ve been consulting my own old VH site a little over Christmas and just came across something pretty funny. At Horowitz’s first session in New York, the Victor engineers left this note in the logs:


Happy new year mofos!


On a related note - I was reading up on Tommy Tedesco (who if you’ve never heard of him has played on nearly every movie and album), he mentioned that was booked for 3 hours, finished in 10 minutes and gets paid the full rate. I like that. :zif:

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Ah, but the material recorded in those 45 minutz wuz probably pretty great!

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And where da fook is dis old site eh?

It’s just a local copy I’ve kept on my harddrive. It went offline in 2010, after which Bernie H continued with his version of it (who I randomly don’t know, though we were briefly in touch after he wrote and asked if he could inherit it).

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Haha whut did he record that day!?

I haven’t written it down, but I did note that he ordered all takes destroyed. The session was on Jan 2, must have been one helluva new year’s party. :wink:

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Too bad nobody thought to grab him in the Liszt DJ. Would have been just 4, 12 inch sides…

Yeah… a lot of bad luck too. My impression is that artists didn’t begin to take recordings seriously until the electrical era, and just four years in to that the great depression hit which crippled the world economy for an entire decade. Then came WW2 which crippled things even more. A long weirdo work like the DJ would have been more suited for the LP era either way, but I think it would have been easier to have record companies agree to make multi-disc recordings of these kinds of works if the market had been better there 1929-1949.

Except HMV grabbed Barere and othas in all the goodass works

At least we have a Liszt sonata from him, even if he did make an unforgivable cut. I reckon he would’ve recorded Figaro first anyway.

The cut Liszt Sonata in from 1946 live.
Da 1932 26min long pimpzon iz uncut like da TM cock, mofo!

Spread over 6 78rpm sides.

I used da same tactic fo da myztery penizt pimpzon n ended up wiz 7 - 78rpm sides, 25:55 total tym

Basically, da faster speed in da slowah sects wuz dick tated by da tym limit ov each side tru

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Right, I haven’t listened to the 32 one in a very long time. I’m actually pretty sick of the piece.

I did not like it until I learned it…

Randomly, I might finally get the audio from my polish nympho rectal, I was happy with how it came out - def one of my better live pimpzons!

Op 111 did not come out nearly as well dat day

I’ve just heard it too many times. I wrote a paper on it in school, so I studied it in depth but I never actually learnt it. I’m not exactly sure why, I guess it didn’t fit the rep requirements I had at the time.

Of all Liszt’s works it’s perhaps the most planned, calculated, constructed. It’s a stunning achievement, but… yeah. You do get tired of it.

I heard the 32 as recently as two days ago. Overhyped junk. :wink:

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You get tired of it if you listen to it to many times. This is a lesson I learned quite young, so I never listen multiple times to the greatest important works in a short time period. The piano repertoire is just to big to get tired of a master work like the Liszt sonata. Last time I listened to it was probably five years ago …

And it is one of my favourite works of all time


That 1932 rec is epic but full of clunkers (which do not disturb me at all)

Just wait til you hear my take on the Danse Macabre, or his Funérailles :wink:

Haha da 1942 big mac rec is stunning but da arrangement iz cheap.