Diz Turtle zumwut....unexpected 🐢

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Hey datz pretty gud!

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Haha da zumwut unexpectedly zwift unleazh from a mofo wiz a zlow nature

da fatty joke require explanation

If diz iz tru

den hittin a woman zhud be a required tranzition procedure fo all tranz women :sunglasses:



So den you haff to trannies beating eachother off?

Let me preempt any kritticism that I reserve the right to discuss TRANNIES, because they are CG, it’s part of the legendary TM OG persona

Da raw illogical insanity of my posts is one of the things that make Da SDC …. dasdc

But but but is he mental?

Yeah, no shit, now gobble my delicious doctoral dick and FUCK OFF

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Learned so fast he didn’t get the title of the book of etudes right. respectable.

extremely slow crawl on the title crawl - keeping it real ic

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