DJ Shadow - Endtroducing.....


Essential sheeyat. DJ Shadow’s first. This album is actually in the Guinness World Records as being the first album created entirely from sampled sources.

NPR included dis album in its list of the top 300 albumz n songz of the 20th century

Spin magazine placed it at number 69 in their “100 greatest albums between 1985 and 2005” list

Time magazine named it one of the 100 best albums of all time

Allmusic - 5 stars
Robert Christgau - A+
Pitchfork - 9.1/10
Rolling Stone - 4 stars
Slant - 5 stars

tru 8)

Respect, I’ll give it a listen

I actually use to like DJ Shadow when I was a kid. Still listen to organ donor every once in a while

haha tru wikid track

I really like da Grain of Salt too

i couldve seen this guy live at da pemberton music fest last weekend; but I went to see coldplay instead :blush:

HAHAHA fuckkkkkkkkk :laughing: :laughing:

pozz banned?



hahahaha comeoonnn it was the finale of the festival…all the cool kids were there :laughing:


well rezpec for admitting it

You probably missed a rave of a show.