Dmitry Shishkin

Not sure if anyone remembers this dude from the Chopin and QE comps, but damn he’s a beast. Pretty sure he has two SDC records here:

Chopin Etude Op.10/2
Prokofiev Etude Op.2/3

Can’t really find any recs besides his Chopin comp stuff, but I’d be interested in hearing more.

Yeah, he’s another technical monster. He’s not there yet musically, however.

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I remember enjoying his Hummel A minor concerto a lot, conducted by Pletnev, and the Chopin/Busoni variations…parhaps the best I’ve heard that played too.

Amazing 10/2! Pretty much equaling Rudenko’s

That section from 30:40 is blazing and crisp, tour de force!

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It’s all tech, but yeah. He goes at it like a young Ashkenazy. And he is good!

I enjoyed hearing him in the '15 Chopin Comp but it was clear then that he wasn’t quite ready, not for Chopin at least. Haven’t heard him since.

There’s a video on YT of him at the Geza Anda comp, where he plays the Rach Sonata 2. It’s not too bad.

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Disagree that it’s “all tech” - otherwise he wouldn’t finish so well in or win international cumpetitions. I was impressed by the Hummel (that’s why I uploaded it), it also has elegance and good taste. But yeah, of course he needs some time to grow, musically…a major talent, though.


ahahahaha da ZHIZH iz bazically

da moz legendary cold-calculatin-ztylee mofo from diz generation

dat chopcomp 10/2 pozz da greatezt live 10/2 evah filmed, makin da RUDY zound lyk da zepp on a gud day :sunglasses:

but even fo da ZHIZH, zum luck wuz required to achieve dat zpecific perf. watch da Tchaik comp round 1 ztream where he attempt to replicate dat feat, but end up wiz zum harzh rape in da B zect :whale: :sunglasses:


Tru da mofo uzually haz nervz of zteel…

Tru, becuz da Chop writin dere reveal dat da Chop top zpeed in diz et wuz

Sub-nutsack level. :sunglasses:

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Shiskin, Malofeev and Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev are competing for 150 000 $:

@Brewtality’s Vorotnaya made it in. Yike Yang too.

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I like that no students of jury members are allowed to compete, but the jury is the still the same names you see all the time, starting with Kaplinsky. There are quite a few names I recognise on that list. I was supposed to see Giuseppe Guarrera at FLV last year, but I was randomly depressed at that time, so skipped a bunch of concerts including his.