Do deze BUZONI recz do juztice to hiz ztatuz az a LEGEND?

Even SUZU looks classy in black n white



Da :hui: also acquire class

Damn, look at the large male face, where are the female hips?
Sure, keep your legs closer together and clasp the long tranny arms awkwardly.

I also see the presence of a brow ridge and a sloping back male forehead. The hairline is starting to recede on this one…

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HAHAHAHAH put zum HAZE on da HUI face n zhe vil inztantly becummah 9/10 :sunglasses:

Tell me why you wanna marry this dude again?


Tru she is still in great shape while da TM gained 20 poundz

Lol, you sure it’s not Uchida? :smiley:

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Could be! I’ll need to hear her 10/2 vid in the wrong key to confirm.

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Shes hot but has a mild “got the post raisin bran” vibe.

Haha she only play da 10/8
In E majah

Haha daim :fire:

Da :hui: basically perfect fo da :tm: IF zhe behaves

Da zepp can confirm dere are tru ugly :cn: chic out dere.

Also, da :tm: not a fan ov of da “pristinely cute” Korean look
Dose chicks expect you to pay for lunch, big turnoff :tm:

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I’d love to hear da long lost BUZ paget 5

Da hardest song he recorded. Harshly from da rejected 1919 session

This true… also that child start in my mind because he is currently banging a pornish chick somehow. There is hope for me lol

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Hah and she is 28 year old man :sunglasses:

Agreed with da X, he hated the recording process and was already fed up with playing da 88 at dat time, instead focusing on composing, though he was still forced to make tiresome tours. It would appear that he was best in playing large-scale monumental works, not in miniatures or showy pieces. That said, for me his rec. of the HR13 is one of the marvels of the acoustic era.

Ahahahaha u can BUZROLL yo 88 playin

But tiz much mo difficult to BUZROLL yo cumpoz :sunglasses:

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da BUZ ROLL of da donizetti parizina tranny basically whut forced da TM raw rape 2017 approach to it.
Now I will go fo a mo 100% cuntrol interp, furiouz but still on top of every goddamn note before the jury cucks mark my ass down.

hahha diz lazy ziteread but wikid camwork

Why da fuck izn diz zumwut gensui tranz played mo often?


I don’t know. It’s on my possible learning list. Da BUZ disowned it, apparently, aftah becumming dizenchanted with da Wankah’z muzic.

Da BUZ appear to be a zumwut CG mofo :sunglasses:

diz tranz a bit different but DAIM wikidly played

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