Do deze BUZONI recz do juztice to hiz ztatuz az a LEGEND?

Haha da BUZ fo zhor a legend but many rate him az da GREATEZT ov dat entire era

He died at only 58 in 1924, 2 yrz afta deze recz

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I remember liking the HR and nothing else. He was a large form pianist, so these acoustics could never do him justice.

Zo bazically da BUZ can cruize thro wiz an intact legacy dezpite very gud but not INZANE recz juz bazed upon reputation? :sunglasses:

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da queztion zhud be correctly rephrazed az:

iz da BUZ LEGEND at all zupported by da inzanely ghey playin demonztrated in deze recz? :sunglasses:

when da cuntcluzion n evidence dun jive

queztion da cuntcluzion, not da evidence :sunglasses:

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I like both the HR13, the double Chop and the Bach sides, but see Brew’s post, and he hated making these recs. I don’t think they’re representable. An early 1900s recital rec of the Schumann SEs, Liszt sonata, LvB etc is where it would have been at.

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i think he enjoyed makin BUZ ROLLZ a lot mo :sunglasses:


Hahah a BUZ ROLL wuz da name fo a HATTO befo a HATTO exizted :zepp:

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Haha zo he wuz bazically a RECTUM?

I don’t know. Rubinstein said his Chopin was cold. I don’t think you could call Richter cold.

Mo like a mikey or a golden age PLATE

I think his recordings of the C major prelude in WTC:1 and Chopin Op. 25 #5 gives us a little glimpse into his glory.


Yes, those and the HR are good enough to justify his status.

AHAHAHA daiiiiiim?!!? :sunglasses:

alzo da fuguz bazically a MALTEMPO ziterape :sunglasses:

Haha da ZEPP ear fo nuance zecond to none :sunglasses:

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ahahaha not to dizz da BUZ, but

i find mo exprezzive zubtlety in diz zumwut zl*wah perf :sunglasses:


This massively cleaned up buz rec stack interesting.

What sticks with me is a huge mechanism and also every single one of these has a surprise of some sort if you listen carefully. He was probably like a plate 80s pogo hybrid with more good brains

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Den again, any modern mofo with hiss can do dat

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ahahahah da cg voicin in da BUZ 25/5 a bit wikid

but tiz undizputed objective fact dat

da MYZTERY PENIZT haff at leazt 7 tymz da BUZ TECH :sunglasses:

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40% of da golden age tone is da smooth, mildly hazy rec tech and da 88

Tiz like watching a black-n-white film