do u kno about da TRU ORIGINZ of da SDC?

trinketz of gold, platimun, n frankenztein

  • i knew all diz sheeyat
  • i had no idea, thankz fo da pointlezz enlightenment
  • hahaha, i lykd da SDC, but afta hearin about itz originz, i randomly dun
  • deez originz gif moi a nufound undaztandin of da legendary beggininz nof diz community, thank u, u legendary mezziah…tru
  • if diz iz da bible…n u iz god, den can i be mary? i alwayz wanted to get pregnant wizout da need fo sex

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i invented da SDC, slightly randomly

but did u kno diz?

hu came up wiz da name SDC?

datz rite, moi

n did u alzo kno dat i randomly didnt make diz forum, but twuz randomly made FO MOI by a cunt az a bribe.

datz rite

me’z 1 ov da 1zt membahz ov da ZDC 8)
me ztill rememberz da day me got in
ach, da 25/12
zniff :astonished:
:comme: :stop:

i iz quite fuckin nu … but thru msn i got to know lotz of histories and legends about da sdc … and tiz vill be someday legendary … fuck …
if everyone had da comme’s cock alike , world would have a lot more girthy childish motherfuckers !! haha!!
phuc dat bich !!


I invented da sdc :unamused:

Ur wrong, u stole it from da Gestapo

tha official textbook 8)

hahahahaha dayum da nico 8)

HAHA, da big BANG, da hawking must be describing da Horowitz in da HR19.

but seriously, tiz one of my fav book.

da taniwha says:
hahaha da hinduz
Rob says:
da taniwha says:
da hindu theory of da evolution
da taniwha says:
tiz when 2 zpiritz want to entah da same body
da taniwha says:
n da body cannot handle diz much girth
da taniwha says:
so naturally it vil look fucked
Rob says:
Rob says:
i dun quit undahstand
Rob says:
so we iz apez wit two spiritz
k-nar says:
k-nar says:
da einstein n spinzola spirit wanted to endah da mart
Rob says:
da taniwha says:
da forced creation of da nu body
da taniwha says:
hahahahaha but twuz BLOCKED by da TRU MART zpirit
k-nar says:

k-nar says:
how cum da tru gensui spiritz chose sheeyat body lyk da HAWKING
Rob says:
da taniwha says:
hahahah da im shor da HAWKING haff mo den 1 zpirit man
k-nar says:
HAHAHAHA da fuckup
Rob says:
ahaa da hinduz
Rob says:
pozzibly hav it right
da taniwha says:
hahaha tiz tru
k-nar says:
tiz sounded a bit sheeyat
k-nar says:
but wuz quicly sorted out by da zepp
da taniwha says:
da HAWKING lookz fucked enuff to be a nu speciez fo shor

SDC was once partially owned by da nico, an untru 'n an unlegendary mofo from iv i wasn’t mistaken, we were granted with a limited space for da temporary SDC site. But then da comme randomly pissed da nico off many times, he then shut down and took away the space quota fo da SDC. And kev, aka koala, recovahed da SDC site by operating at his own expense, which is pretty grateful of him.

I remembah i was a bit unwilling to registah at da SDC site in da 1st place. now it’s getting more and more wicked. Last year, there were like 10 membahz who regularly posted. i used to think this whole site is dedicated to porn stuff and to enlighten da tru concepts of penis. a load of male nude pics were posted every single day. also, da SDC used to be in crisis. someday i cud only see da posts by comme. he replied and answered all by himself. i gotta announce and praise da SDC in many piano forums and my posts got deleted occasinally because of mentioning da SDC. We used to, again, be hated everywhere. Now we iz more recognized and more mofoz iz joining though most of them are sheeyat 8).

Anyway, this is what i know. Last but not least, without comme, zepp 'n k-mart, SDC wudn’t now be existed. You guys mean alot to this place.

Thank you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DATZ RITE!!! dere wuz 2 legendary auditionz (n a few unlegendary onez) in da original recruitement topic. twuz u n da SHAGA wiz hiz gensui rocky3 opening

n i ztill haff yo legendary debut rec 8)


hahaha, random peniz picz everyday, da memoriez…

tiz tru, da SDC iz alive cuz of da ZPIRIT OF DA COMME

all ma poztz wuznt random, dey wuz to motivate mofoz to reply n cummah

i iz da HEART of da SDC

n kritty, u iz da soul :dong:

da judaz…