Do ur pianist friends tease u about ur playing and vice vers


for example, I tell my friend he plays like shit, which he doesnt, and he tells me the same thing. Sometimes we take it a bit too far and get angry but watever…i tell him his tech sucks, and he tells me i cannot play loud…which is tru…my loudest is a fukin mezzoforte at best…

same with u and ur friends?

milf, i wonder y u iz alwayz hurt when i inzult u, but u zhamelezzly inzult everyone elze

because I am insecure!!!

I inzult every1, moh simple dat way 8)

when da ROB inzult da t25, tiz juzt…tiz juzt a very zensitive moment fo moi :greg:


hahhAHhA n diz, unlegendarily da t25’s 800th pozt

da VOLODYA hav certanin wayz fo handling mofoz hu dizreezpec moi

if tiz a mofo i uzually hook up wit hiz ziztah o GF n pozt lewd picz on da internet afterwordz

howevah if tiz a female i juz tell her zhe iz ugly (or overweight pozzibly, whatevah vill get da tearz flowing)

u iz heartlezz

hahaha, i iz zimply a nice mofo, n zpeakth da truth, alwayz :doc:


all mah freyndz worzhip moi
me remainz zilent
:ziff: :stop:

My friend make fun of me because I can’t play piano and I worship them for their abilities.

:dong: ???

the only problem i haff with every mofo i met iz dat dey all praize me.