Does anyone know what Huang Yi Chung is playing here?

VII Premio Alkan per il virtuosismo pianistico romantico - YouTube 2:27:15

I cyber stalk him here:

If it not in there, is alkan la preux and liszt reminiscences on I forget which.

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thank you. I knew about the le preux, but not about the first piece. Turns out its reminiscences de Lucrezia Borgia. Wonder why they don’t put the titles of the piece in there…

Liszt Lucrezia Borgia

plus Le preux :kan:

had to check because I couldn’t remember if it was Lucrezia Borgia and not Les Huguenots, that pair and the Puritans and Sonnambula fantasies being the big ones which almost nobody plays

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That dude has massive Asian balls the size of coconuts

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