Does anyone know what this is?

This is from a recent Brad Mehldau Solo recital. It’s not a piece I know and it sounds very classical in its structure. It seems oddly familiar to me, like late Brahms or early Scriabin or something. It may simply be that Mehldau is good at improvising in the classical style, but it just sounds too good, somehow.

Any help would be appreciated:

Hm it sounds oddly familiar to me too, but I can’t put my finger on it.

ehm Its just Brahms op.76 4. Intermezzo B flat

but his interpretation makes it sound like some strange shit

Rezpec da Nor 8)

Haha, damn. Thanks dude. I knew I wasn’t crazy. I think it’s quite decent playing, now that I’ve compared it to some others like Kempff, Neuhaus, Katchen, Gieseking etc.