Does becoming rich and indulgent (and French) make you insensitive?

His playing has been rather tone deaf the last 15 years alas. It’s a shame since he was one of my heroes in the late 90s - still like a lot of what he did then.

I think he is playing WAY too many concerts


We’ll settle for that :slight_smile:

Looks like he’s taking his SDC nickname seriously and having a whale of a time at the post-concert buffets :sunglasses:

Yeah, last time I saw a full body photo it looked like he’d just swallowed a sheep. At his best, he was a great pianist but I haven’t heard anything worthwhile from him in at least 10-15 years. The highwater mark for da Whale was the Amsterdam 2004 recital, since then he continues to beach himself.


I think he is quite uneven, definitely a talent though.

The solution is to just perform less repertoire and actual concerts and go for quality over quantity, perhaps?

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AND he is still

Quite hot

For an old, fat guy perhaps.

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Haha. I didn’t even like the A’dam recital, but I’m pretty tone deaf myself when it comes to the Nightwind so I’ll let you guys decide.

For me it’s one of the two greatest Medtner performances, you knew which is the other.

Tozer’s Minacciosa?

Nah, Debargue’s F minor from the Tchaik comp. I should return to Tozer’s Medtner though.

Yep. I do remember comparing the Nightwinds I have with him (to the best of my abilities) and also thought Amsterdam was the best, it’s just that at this point it’s no longer the Berezovsky I used to like. His earlier playing had an uncanny tonal control, and was swift and completely effortless technically. By 2004 I think he sounded more sluggish and vertical, and often opted for plain pesante playing instead of his earlier “cool” approach. But if one doesn’t mind a bit more heavy-handed style of playing this, too, sure was an impressive recital.

My problem with Berezovsky in the last 10 years is that everything just seems phoned-in. When you do things like play 3 concerti in one night (brahms 2, Rach 2 and forgot the other one), inevitably the quality is going to suffer.

@Brewtality Is there any recording of that concert where he played Chopi 2, Rach 2 and Brahms 2 in one eveming? I remember seeing that program many years ago I was like - this guy is crazy! (Probably that’s the craziest thing he did, except actually playing all 5 Beethoven in one evening, which Lukas Geniusas also did…)

No, and I couldn’t even find the programme listing when I was trying to remember what the third concerto was p.

Aha I see… he played it somewhere in Asia I think… Around 2006 or so…

ahahahah becummin rich bazically make u

prax lezz

becuz hilariouzly

it take tym to zpend all dat cazh u haff, tym u cud haff othawize zpent on da 88 when u iz poor :sunglasses:

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Somewhat redeemed?