does practice exhaust u?

I practice about 5-6 hours a day now, so dat mah recital is good.

Da excersises dun mean sheeyat unless you can apply them in da pieces. Nobody goes to hear da Doctah play fuckin scales.

Da problem you have is dat if deres no piece you will use da tech, the practice has done you no good in da short term, and long term when you’ve found a piece which has da tech in it, you’ve not played da scale for a year or so, cos you suddenly realise you have da rong technique for da pieces you playin, and need to spend 3 hrs a day on dem.

Chose what technique you practice according to da repatoire yo learning.

Where are you learning da 88?

WRONG, diz iz TYPICAL zlw world zlw thinkin
granted, if u find tha exact tech u prax in a piece, tiz will be advantageouz, but if u prax a tech n nevah encounter it, PRAXIN THIZ TECH WILL ZTILL HAVE HELP YO

fo example:

their iz a very difficult kung-fu wikid move dat no mofo haz done befo except tha maztah. He teachez it to a black belt n a white belt, do u zeriouzly think dey will both learn thiz sheeyat in equal :stop: and equal grace? sheeyat. Praxin dohany o watevah sheeyat will ztill train my fingah independency n raw dex.

Agree with Catz 100%.

( I’ve learned 3 Dohnanyi etudes, randomly) :rectum:

the only problem iz dat it iz boring az hell

haha possibly, i guess it’s like going to the gym or whatever, you have to “learn to like it”… I’ve nearly done the complete Doh finger exercices now :ziff:. I feel bad when I do a day without heh/. Except for the whole scale/arp section in the middle, I don’t think I’ll ever put the time in reading all that

is the dohnanny exercises rly gud?

if done correctly yeah… it’s the biggest time saver imo, but it’s really heavy shit, dangerous on your hands, you gotta be really careful with it. of all the stuff i’ve done before, doh is the one that has most effect in the shortest time. It just has everything that’s necessary and doesn’t contain bullshit that you don’t really need… just find a copy and read the foreword, it’s quite true heh

edit: and on topic, I usually prax about 3 to 4 hours. lot’s of tech exercices and chopets. I also learn random sections out of concerti and whatnot just to get bit by bit acquainted with fucking hard rep and for my technique. i’m not “exhausted”, but my hands and arms feel really tired. my fingertips are usually painful, and a light sense of semi-pain just tells my brain to stop playing and relax.
i also permanently fucked my wrists so i won’t mention all the pain i’m going through when i’m playing heh.

tha wrizt-fuck iz tha worzt 88related pain, along wiff tha back-fuck

and i’ve got both 8)

i haff possibly also fucked up my wrists

i feel usually kind of “pressure” on my wrists. if i stretch them daily it’s a bit relieving

whoever talkz about praxin in public iznt goin to make it in future … haha … da polo pesimism haha…

…unlezz u dizcuzz it perzonally wif da nor :chop:

i fuked up my hands too, so now i havent practiced in 4 days because im letting the pain go away and my body fix qutever is injured…nothing bad, but noticeable…

i lyk, i practiced da chopet 10-7 way too much, which is not dat hard for me, but da up and down movements of da third and second fimger of the right hand messed up the top of my forearm, lyk some tendon or muscle or shit…nothing too bad, but i felt it…

so now i let it go for a while, but i will start practcing again in 2 days i gues…

I have a really solid technique, so I’ve NEVER had a piano related injury. That’s probably in part because I play the Tennis and have strong arms and wrists. (People like to say being an athlete doesn’t help piano skillz, well I disagree)

Sadly though, I had a herniated disc in my back(L5-S1) for 2 years which got so bad I couldn’t sit in a chair for more than 30 mins at a time. Took two years for surgery and though I’m fixed now, I still have lots of soreness when I sit for hours at a time. So now I have a 90 min max per day practise schedule.

I figure FUCK IT, I did all that technique shit when I was a kid. So now I only play pieces. I never resent the time I spend at the piano because it’s not real work - it’s immensely enjoyable.

fuck technique shit in the first place.

HAHAHA dis pic 8)

Fuck, are they VHS or what?

Send them to me, i`ll rip them and post that shit.

my friend waz taught uzin taubman n hiz tech iz a bit…

…ztunningly zmooth