does practice exhaust u?

ive just practiced for about 3 hrs and a half full, it wud have been 4 hrs, but i stopped to eat, and post here once in a while…

im exhausted…ive found dat i dun have much endurance…wtf…

how much can u practice and not be tired?

how many piecez did u work on/complete in doez 3 hourz

i iz worried dat u r uzin yo tym inneficiently. R u really praxin n conztantly learnin nu rep, or juz playin da rep u know?

actually, i was just practicein tech…

i practiced dat dere scales, den arpeggios…the i practiced a special version of thirds scales i made up, for every scale, which took one hour…

den i practiced a lil of some chopets…

tru, i rly need help in practice…

hahahha FUCK

yez, dat iz a bit compeltely innefecient way to prax

u haff to be conztantly learnin rep, of courze u shud prax chopetz, but ultimately yo goal iz to unleazh da moz fury pozzible throughout da SDC core rep, n in orda to gain zuch a rep u shud ztart NOW.

tha mo u learn piecez, tha faztah u vill learn them, try pozzibly workin on 4 piecez at a tym, n try finizhin them by the end of the month, then in addition to thiz, pic 2 mo piecez dat u noe vil tak u longah dan a month.

3 hrs wif no breakz?
t zhud be 45 min max, den a break of at leazt 10 min
tho me duzzn’t follow diz mezelf alwayz
but tiz da optimum zay thoze who noe ztuff abowt da flezh, tru :lib: :stop:

da nerd zhud giff a maztahclazz

so dats bad practice???

hummm…so i shud just memorize pieces, and dats gonne increase my tech??? through repertoire?

ok, ill memorize some chopin waltzes or nocts or polo and ill tell u how much better my playing of chops is…

hahah man u dun undahztand

firzt of all, u not goin to memorize zum piecez den notice a rezult, u haff to do thiz ovah yearz n u vill progrezz

zecond, “ill memorize some chopin waltzes or nocts”


try again

go learn zum full chopetz, a brothazon, zum back inventionz n zinfonia, o watevah do u haff a teachah? if not get one, a good one, preferably whu graduate from a conzervatory o zomethin. Yo teachah shud tell u what piecez u need to learn to increaze tech

of courze u muzt do tech on da side, but not fo 3 hours

so for how long shud i do tech?

and my last class with my privae teacher was last week tru, and i start uni on monday, so den i will heff a teacher who stdueid with rosina lhevinne…

so heres wut ill do, ill learn a broda son, maybe da tempest or da pathetique, or even da first one maybe, and also more bach preludes and fugues…tiz gud?

mwahahhahahahhahhahhahahahhahahaaaaaa diz is piano playing, not weightlifting, u fuckAH!!!

haha tha milf cluelezznezz :comme:

juz prax hanon till u get a teachah :whale:

i get a teacher in less dan a week

and fuck hanon

damn, cant nobody help anyone round here…

fine, wut and how do U GUYS practice???

i think u vill enjoy diz

iznt da chang “a bit bullsheeyat” as ur self said?..

juzt read it

lol, ok


shes better dan me, tru

Depends, in my psycho practicing days I’d average 8 a day and would be utterly exhausted afterwards. Probably couldn’t do that now.