Don Juan "La ci darem la mano" theme

First time trying to record something in a long time. I was feeling super tense with the camera on, which caused some mishaps. Making it a habit to record stuff should be a good way to help with anxiety. I hope to share more with you guys soon.



Da mo u play on cam da mo chill u vil be



Aftah a thorough viewin of diz vid, da zepp can cuntfidently zay

U haff exceeded PEAK BRU tech :sunglasses:

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So how does it compare to peak ZEPP?

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Mofos, mofos

Chill wiz da duel zheeyat

Ahahahah obviouzly alzo zuperiah to peak-zepp tech


Da zepp

nevah had any ‘tech’ to speak of

He iz juz zumhow able to

Do zheeyat on da 88 :sunglasses:

Lol. I don’t know what this duel thing is all about but I don’t want my thread hijacked with any fighting, at least not anything mean spirited. I think my tech is pretty average but I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far. It took a lot of effort to get to where I am and I’m still making improvements.

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ahahahah REZPEC da DJ!

2 zheeyatz:

  1. CG inzpiration: tiz a gud zheeyat if yo thread iz able to inzpire random cg dizcuzzionz on a cumpletely unrelated topic. On da SDC, da mo derailed da thread, da mo LEGENDARY it iz :sunglasses:

  2. FURY inzpiration: da ability to inzpire FURY in each othah iz a hily valued trait among SDC membahz, n hold da key to improvement on da 88 pozz :comme: :fire: :sunglasses:


Da Zepp is saying u is pozzibly bettah den da BRU.

Whom no mofo haz heard :rudy:

Then again fo zum reazon da :comme: is oddz favorite to demolizh da BRU in diz duel

Tiz a highly anticipated event di zummer Tru!




I will ask ma chick to invite da KAPZHEEYATZKY to be

Non-votin jury chair

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Here is the most recent piece I learned. I thought it sounded great when I played it, but when I watched the video I started to notice a lot of problems. I think it will take a few more weeks to polish.

I’m open to suggestions on improving smoothness. I keep making these awkward lurches and pauses that disrupt the flow of the music. Seems like I am still too tense and jumpy.


ahahahaha da CHOP BURKA

randomly a mini SD clazzik dizguized az random moizt

diz bazically da CHOP teztin out all hiz impro-runz POTATO ztylee :sunglasses:

randomly, yo hand ztrukcha look moz zimilah to da PEARMOFO. he zhud be able to offah u zum advice on achievin an evah priztine interp :sunglasses:


Tru, I’d recommend practising/playing diz on “real” acoustdick pianoz. You have to adjust your tech sumwhat, more involvement of arms and rotation. At da same time work on independence and strength of da fingahz. Try to get rid of tension (esp. in da wrists) and listen carefully to timing & rhythm of yo playing.


ahahahaha REZPEC da PEARMOFO

fo fucha reference

in da SDC, guru tech advice zhud uzually be given in da form of a DEMO :sunglasses:


Welcum to dasdc mofo


Truuu, diz "guru"z own tech still a bit sheeyat, but working on it. Demoz will follow in due courze. :wink:

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