DONGAH cummah

tru on tv rite now 8)

ahaha da dongah zpreadin da zeed den givin everyone da bird


as i put in the other thread:
i don’t actually think he played. he was miming it - the piano was never open, and it sounded like a digital piano, through the big speakers with no microphones. Also, I doubt they’d let him loose with the possibility of wrong notes in such an occasion. He’s a bit too rubbish. The piano was also wobbling about all over the place so I doubt it even had strings in it.

tru dey learnd deir lezzon aftah lettin da DOC looze at da grammyz 8)

well… the non-musical types organising this kind of thing would think that wrong notes mean the end of the world for a musician… i’d’ve thought

that little kid played her note about 3 seconds after it played; it was 100% sure playbacked

dat mini-mofoette iz fo zure da CG-queen in da Beijing

8) da shrimp feels da pressure now.

this it?

hahahah wtfffffff