Dongah Wife debuts on DG

Tru, a highly capable pianist but once again proves that absolutely anything is for sale.

Asian-only market release, apparently.


Oh, THAT’s who she is. I saw the release and thought it the most bizarre thing ever.

The rep is def >POON tho:

I haff da rec if anyone wantz…

Da REDLIGHTAREA I suggest :dong:

Daim! Diz rep basically

99% guaranteed hits

Amongst Poon fans :sunglasses:


REZPEC diz ethnic chick fo uzin her proximity to da main culture mofo to advance her own career :sunglasses:


According to Da :hui: diz chick actually Korean.

Any truth to that or was it a tactic to make me reluctant to wank to this sexy sodomite dongah tranny?

ahahaha dunno

but in diz inztance tiz clear dat

ethnic = any otha zheeyat
main culture = chineze :sunglasses:

Haha I C

well, this tranny is pretty hot and is (clearly) a decent pianist.

The recording should sell well in da Asian market tru.

Yes please!

dere are times I worry about you, trumofo :whale:




Why this german have albino skin?

Thank you!!!

This is research, I need to see what in the playing is DG-worthy


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Dis iz da kind of research dat needz to be kuntduckted in extreme isolation n wiv da STRICTEST safety protocols in place. Much like asking da :poo: how she feels, or da :tractor: :woman: about hand jobs.

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