Dover vs Alfred Masterwork Edition Publications? for shorter/selected workz

I am finding that when looking for selected works/smaller sheeyatz compilations often da choice is between these two publishers. For example Prokofiev shorter works, Ravel selected favourites, Schubert shorter sheeyatz, etc.
Do you guyz have preference between these two?

I have like 1 or 2 of each…from my limited zet I have, Alfred seems to be better physical quality in terms of paper, binding. However, the one Alfred book for Ravel works is a little heavy on the editing. The Dover I have it a bit bigger, but cheap binding/paper, but the actual content seems easier to read, closer to urtext.

Tru and alzo Zchirmer

it really doez depend on da workz in queztion

mozt ov ma zcore collection iz dovah

alzo my favourite editor iz Cortot -

he providez many exercizez dat are quite interezting and uzeful fo lotz ov workz, pluz loadz ov hiz own ‘zubjective’ cummentary, all fazcinatin zheeyat

Dover are often reprint ripoffs of Russian and German editions seized by :us: after WWII iirc. Never had any complaints with them tbh, though one of my Dover parasheeyatz volz is missing the cover… after 20 years of intense use :laughing:


hahaha FUCK zame exact zheeyat fo da comme, da french n italian parazheeyatz one wiz da dj n norma etc :pimp:

I haf a zticky pancake packet from lyk 2003 or zumzheeyat ztill ztuck on one ov da pagez ov da hung rappah #2 in ma hung rappahz book alzo

tiz one ov dem zheeyatz where if I pull it off…it vil take zum ov da page wiz it zo I juz leave it :whale:

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Dover is just fine for me for those purposes you mentioned.

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Tru, Dover are reprints and generully pretty good. Da alfred forward Essays might be helpful but then you’re stuck with da edited to hell music.

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