Downer alert: da KJ can't play anymoh


Hmm why dun he multi track against a pre recorded right hand and improv live right? Still be interesting.

Haha he wud surely say dat dis wud be anathema to everything he standz foh or sum sheeyat.

At leazt hiz ego doezn’t seem to be affected : “I’m da John Coltrane of piano”
Hahahaha wut a mofo :sunglasses:

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I hope this means they’ll release some of his older live stuff as well as the Budapest concert mentioned in the article - I know ECM have hundreds of his solo concerts recorded.

Tru. I saw him solo a few yearz back n dey were recording. Wish I cud hear dat one again.

I bet da Keith iz very selective tho, so pozz we’ll haff to wait until he croakz foh da ECM to start releazin sheeyat to make money off hiz name :dong:

Something to look forward to…I guess!

Keith Jarrett :heart: