Dre - da Fresh SD

now this is a story all about how
da penile world got flipped turned upside down
and if you have a minute, just sit right there
I will play the 10/4 wif seconds to spare

in west Philadelphia born and raised
on the keyboard is where I spent most of my days
chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
practicin octs wif ma dad after school

Then a couple of guys who were up to no good
started unleashen moisture in ma neighborhood
I smote the poserz and the lord declared:
“unleash unto otherz, LET NONE BE SPARED”

When I whistle for sheetz it soon becomes clear
In the field of PIANO, I’m fuckin’ PHD
“Doc” as they call moi, “he’s got talent so rare!”
True, my KAN, LISZT, and GOD, evoke jaw-dropped stares

When I pull it out fo da hoz, (usually 7 or 8 )
dey all gasp “DAYUM”; i yell “fuck ya latah”
I gazed upon mah kingdom, i waz already dere,
To sit on mah throne az

“PRINCE SD, (y’all can’t compare)”


Rhyme: 8)8)8)8)8)
Meter: 8)8)8)
Originality: 8)8)8)8)8)
CG: 8)8)8)8)8)
8) Status?: Granted and deserved. 8)

Tha last Will and testament would be proud. 8) Tha SD PHD would be too. 8)


orignal lyrics

and props Comme for da last paragraph.

hahaha RESPEC

jake, diz randomly upz da BAR for all creative sheeyat will be judged in fyootchah

u haff truly set a high standard

hu can rize to da challenge? 8)

Can anyone rize to the challenge of your phrenetic phonetics, Monsieur LeVent? 8)

yo cock iz revealed 8)

icicicicic 8)

I try to be modest, but mah girth betrays me everytime. 8)

that poem sucks 8)

incorrect 8)

the fact that u have actual penistic skillz doesn’t give u da right to h8. 8)



I have da remorse for talking sheeyat about da poem. 8)

Da Ziff forgives, my child.


ic 8)

hahahahahahaha i randomly missed diz sheeeyat!!!

MUCH RESPEC to da jake



hi i’m a llama.

yes there’s two l’s in llama you idiot, don’t cry over it.

oh ya, jake goes to mah skewl he is teh. biggest F-A- COUGH i mean he ownz my ass, OH SHIT HERE HE COMES! :open_mouth:

ic. 8)