Dre SEX TAPE penetrating every orifice of da internet?

We all know that Dre is a true pimp, as his recordings and the above pic attest, but did you know he is also a pornstar?

There is a vid going around of him bangin’ for nearly an hour. It’s quite blurry though, in da mold of the foxy, and slutty Paris Hilton.

…I must say, that vid of the Concerto for Solo Piano is just hardcore.







respec to da ramrod for givin dis topic da appropriate additional girth 8)

You filthy fuckah!
You actually watched dis scumbag in one of his kiddieporn homemade vids.
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8) ?


Warning for the faint at heart, please don’t click the following link

It’s da fuckah Dre up to no good : (


is it dre and nijntje? 8)

Yep, an underaged Nijntje taken it all up the shithole


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da cunt iz da tru mofo, i wanadoo dat too 8)

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Even though Dre cummed all ova da place.

The fucking shocking fact is, he neva took off his suits, all are under his fucking control.

hahahaha, dat makes sense, fo sho 8)

Not only did he not throw in the towel like 99% of pianists, he didn’t have the towel thrown in to him to clean up afterwards like Da Sperm Whale, who makes up the remaining 1%.

^^(I think there were too many puns and jokes in that for it to actually have been funny)

hahaha, it was wikid, respec 8)