dis mofo is quite unique

we know he possesses da speed, but he chooses to often dishonour da SDC by sacrificing speed for musicality and accuracy.

its time we discuss dis unique contradicktory mofo here

aiii 8)

his unwillingness to show off his skillz is molto dissapointing. I just got his Liszt cd and can’t wait to listen to this sheeyat

haha, respec - check out da octs in da HR2 - dey r da fastest evah in dat piece 8)

Yo, check this mofo out y’all.

Da Ham only release around 50% of HIS FURY in concert.
Only 30% FURY in recording session.


AND I GOT his Rach/Paganini!

The memory slip shows that he is still classified as a human being.

hahahaha, dats rite, da dre is a humble mofo

a definitive cd cover fo da doctah. nuff said

EDIT Da amazon site changed da covah 8)

dis is him stimulatin his wife thru his sheeyat - as u can see she is orgasmin just thru da vibes of his playin -

dis is da doctah in full swingin his dick - comedy mode

also check here for some dre insanity - giamanagement.com/hiresphoto … sicianID=2

dats da doc in ‘come ovah here baby’ mode

and now prepare for some dre insanity - lookin totally whacked out -


dats da DOCTAHHHH!!!


dats rite

Da following from da ‘composah-penises’ book:

Recounting an all-Liszt recital in NY 1996, he (da doctah) describes the last half of the norma fantasy as (wait fo it) “absolutely, ridiculously fast. I heard this and cringed…”

On da basis of dis peice of evidence, i move dat we strip da doctah of his LEGEND title. 8)


noooooooooooo, he still unleashed, but he is a bit like ed

he is in da egyptian river! dats all!

hahahaha, dis pic somehow changed?!?!?!?!?!

what da FUCK?!?!

Another Dre quote from da composah-penises book:

“I find my live performances of Alkan’s sonatine, for example, difficult to control and the music frequently comes out too fast.” he den suggests dat his studio rec iz way bettah (ie slowa).

Dis is unforgivable sheeyat. 8)

hahahaha, but u have to realise dat his fuckin studio rec is fastah dan most penises can play on da planet - and when he plays dis mofo live he must just loose control and go insane - which is wikid 8)

Indeed. In his purported chill-mode, da Doc can still elicit a raised eye brow or two: http://www.nettally.com/joelhill/alkan/MwireR.htm



dat is da most insane review EVAHHHHH!


‘I recall an interview with Ronald Smith, at the time (I think) of his EMI recording of the op. 39 Études in 1977, that at one point during the sessions he had to explain to the producer that it wasn’t physically possible to play the music any faster–and Ronald Smith is a pianist of cosmic abilities. The difference is that Hamelin can play it’


‘The 20th century, however, has been kinder to Alkan, due in no small measure to the efforts of esteemed pianists such as Jerome Lowenthal, Bernard Ringeissen, and Ronald Smith in reintroducing his works into the mainstream concert repertoire.’

hahahahaahahaha, dey randomly diss da death ray, and randomly promote da fuckin koji and meiting’s teachahahahahah!



‘Again, music to be dazzled rather than inspired by.’

'As for the work itself, one might best describe it as having gestures and atmospheres similar to those found in Chopin and Liszt but missing the trail-blazing genius which informed the works of the also-Paris-based Pole and Hungarian. ’

im fuckin sick on dis KAN bashin, its time da doc sets dis FUCKAH str8

I wondah what da producah said/did to warrant da explanation. 8)