DSCH piano recordings

Does anyone have a (bulletproof) list of Shosty’s PC 2 recordings? Melodiya LPs list a couple different recs with Gauk from '58 and '59 but I’m wondering if they’re just the same one.

Russian Revelation released a '59 recording w/ Gauk / Moscow Radio.
Yedang apparently released the same one.

Praga released one from '57.

Is there a '58? This LP set of ‘archival recordings’ claims '58 but it’s the same lineup and given this is Melodiya they probably confused the dates.


To the best of my knowledge there is only one with Gauk, which was a studio recording for the Moscow radio made on 1958-02-07. I have never heard of a 1959 Gauk, and as far as I know none is in the Moscow archives, but a “1957 live recording” has been around (Praga et al) which is in fact a misidentified 1958 studio.

Two more exist, both from the same year. Live with Iliev from Bulgaria in January and studio with Cluytens for French EMI in May.

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So the one on Praga labelled '57 is in fact the same '58 recording? And the '59 on RR & Yedang is '58 then. Damn.

Yes :+1:

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Btw, This just came out:


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