due to da ZAUZAGEFEZT nacha ov da SDC

wud it be natural to azzume dat chix iz juz sheeyat n haf no cg? :lib:

hahaha buttru dey iz betta at volleyball :smiling_imp:

hahaha fuck i iz a chauvanizt PIG

i iz a zexizt GRUNTAH


rite? :whale:

hahaha u go fo da zenzetive angle

u try to appeal to da chix wiz yo compazzzionate nacha

but da zad fact iz zhe vil uze u to cry on yo zhouldah while zimultaniouzly gettin done DOGGIE by a tru MOFO …IN DA KITCHEN :dong:

Well then Steve, how far have you gotten already?


you’re the third type, sitting behind the computer all day typing what your two brothers are doing.

Necessary, but pathetic.

Like a garbage man, necessary, but looked down upon.

But I like you though, you’re cute. But who I’d really like to meet are your brothers.


uncalled fo? :whale:

i iz firmly n rigidly of da belief dat chix lyk mofoz hu treat dem ruff n fuck around alot n act lyk a cock

diz iz ma recipe fo zuccezz :gav:

That is why I am getting a girlfriend and you are masturbating on your score of 10/2

yo gf lookz alot lyk da 10/2 :dong:

yes, yours looks like 4’33


hahah i dun haf gfz

i haf cockpuppetz :zhreddah:

haha da cum hopelessness…

and tru, da SDC needs a lot mo puzzy…maybe we shud use force… :doc:

Do they move?

You must be broke if you don’t get them from the cemetary.

speakin of vaginaz 8) dey can be lawlz but not really HAHAHA-funny. guyz can n iz funny but chickz just can’t reach up to dat level…

… n chickz suckz at music. dey can’t compose nor play guitar, drumz or well… any real instrumentz except classical readin sheetmusic piano 8)

… i mean look at da Biret

:zhreddah: 8)

Cindy Blackman
Stephanie Eulimberg
Evelyn Glennie
Hilary Jones
Terri Lyne Carrington
Sheila E.
Vera Figueiredo
Camille Gainer
Carola Grey
Susie Ibarra
Sherrie Maricle
Kim Thompson

comme, every time a chick joins you scare her away. But you’re right, I don’t think girls are into this sort of humour.