duz working out hinder piano performance?

duz it? 8)
i think it might becuz it introduces tenzion to muscles n tendons; i def. cannot play az well after working out my armz. but iz it only temporary effect?
i wud appreciate from those hu haff experience because i am looking to work out a bit now

do you even piano, bro? 8)

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I’ve lifted seriously for 5 years and what you talk about has been an issue.
Probably you should practise before you work out so as not to be over tired.

There are some exercises which I find hard, eg the “clean” finishing position puts a lot of stress on my wrists, as do bicep curls with a straight bar (I use an EZ bar or dumbells).

In general, I get a sore back when I practise for more than a hour, but I think this is a posture issue (I sit with a very straight back) not because of working out.

Overall, I’d say stick with it cause it’s fun and gives you self confidence.
But think more of long term progress, don’t be in a rush to up your weight/volume. Also it goes without saying that you should ensure you lift with good form to avoid injuries.

Don’t do weight training every day and try not to strain too much on your wrist.

I did a pretty intensive biceps/chest training last month, fucked up my wrist for 2 weeks, couldn’t practice nor work-out. Ended up working out less because of it.

Also if you stick with the same routine every day your muscle will ‘level-out’, you need to switch up your routine once a while to stimulate muscle gain.

Invest in a good workout gloves, and wear it (I had, but was too lazy to wear it), it will save your wrists.

yeah I forgot about that, saves your hands from getting torn up when you deadlift too. I always wear them.

I think that working out is actually helpful, especially afterwords since the arms are fatigued after a good lifting session and you have good weight to use. It also has made me more aware of my body.

However, the wrist is the only dangerous issue IMO. You must make sure you’re not pushing down with the wrist and that it’s relaxed. Of course, thinking that you’re playing via your arm (almost like stepping on the keys, fingers being a part of it) will help the wrist anyway.

I’ve been working out hard the past half year or so, no bodybuilding yet, but full body workouts split over 3 days, up to 5 days per week (push/pull/legs) with 6 days of cardio every week (1 full rest day)

I’ve only found it to be positive in my piano practice. I don’t have any back/wrist/elbow/shoulder pain anymore and it has tremendously improved my “body map” which has helped in relaxation and body weight balancing n all that shit.

Technique is everything in lifting, and as long as you don’t do a heavy lifting workout right before piano prax or a concert, it doesn’t hinder it in any way imo or cause injuries.

I actually found deadlifting to help increase my stamina for sitting straight-backed at the piano

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