e-book req: The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique

Anyone have a pdf version of this book by Ortmann?

I really don’t feel like paying $55 (or 200!) for a used copy on Amazon.

I’ve read most of his other book and although it’s pretty heavy going (science is not my thing) I’ve found it quite interesting.

rezpec d’avance!

If it’s not on Avax, it’s probably not available.

Here you are:

filedropper.com/ottoortmann1 … otechnique

haha respec da first post 8)

awesome thx!

mazz rezpec!

wow… registering just to post this! massive rezpec 8)

I registered long ago, but never had the chance to return the favor of the massive downloading I have done here.

I get a file error on this thing :frowning:

I think we would be surprised at the amount of visitors (vs) the amount of ppl who post here 8) Da SDC is known FAR AND WIDE… 8)

yeah me too, I tried 3 times but couldn’t get it.

OK, I’ll zip it and upload somewhere else and let’s see if that works.

Here’s the new upload:

sendspace.com/file/awx277 (a zip file, about 50Mb).

This one works, thanks so much!

awesome, thanks!

Hi all

it feels good to be back :comme: :comme: