E. Kissin--Salzburg--August 6, 2019

Here’s Kissin’s Beethoven recital from Salzburg as recently broadcast on Austrian radio:

Piano Sonata #8
Eroica Variations
Piano Sonata #17
Piano Sonata #21
Bagatelle op 33#5
Variations op 76
Bagatelle op 33#1


Happy New Year to all.


I wonder if Kissin is headed toward a Beethoven cycle. If so, that would turn out to be one of the most improbable outcomes for this pianist. Even if not, I never would have expected so much Beethoven from him even 5 years ago.

Ron, thank you so much!
Publius, I don’t think he will do complete Beethoven cycle, he is not that type of pianist. You can check his repertoire list I posted in “Pianists” thread.

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I concur with Kreso—this Beethoven anniversary would have been a great opportunity for a pianist to stretch his/her Beethoven rep into new realms, but in EK’s Beethoven recital, it’s generally comprised of works he’s done in previous years—I enjoy his performances, but not much new ground.

First part of the Beethoven recital was new to him, as well as two bagatelles for encores.

Probably he will play some more Beethoven in the future. In Zagreb he mentioned in the interview thar he would like to play for instance more Rachmaninov - op. 33 etudes, Moments musicaux, some songs etc.

Yes I suppose a LvB cycle is unlikely, but I am still pretty surprised that he has programmed as much as he has so far, even if it’s just a slightly stretched set of the famous sonatas.

I would be all in for a deep dive into Rachmaninoff. He should eventually program the Rach sonatas. I think they would suit him, especially if he plays the uncut 2nd (or the Horowitz version).

I’m happy to see him play Beethoven, a composer I think he does well. Also on my wishlist is more Prokofiev. Or basically anything that benefits from structural thinking and whole grain musicianship, but does not require sensitivity and the finer aspects of piano playing.

I dun think there is any rep like that TBH

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Prokofiev :pimp:

And Beethoven :pimp:

It’s not the only way to play them but it is one way to play them.

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Hmmm pozz tru.