Many of you seem to be getting a lot of audio/video off e-mule…

Here’s what I dont get, when i search for Chopin (type:video), it finds 3-4 items… For Rachmaninov (type:video) it finds 10-12…

So what am I doing wrong? Why do I get so few hits…
I’m pretty sure I have most of whats on da mule, but I’d like to know for future reference.


My results:

Chopin (type video):
Method Global (Servers): 64 items
Method Kad Network: 133 items

Rachmaninov (type video):
Method Global (Servers): 28 items
Method Kad Network: 59 items

Which client you use?
How are your connections? You have a high Id? Do you also connect to Kad?


Chopin (vid)

Global : 175
Kad: 231

The unpredictabiliy of the mule is getting on my nerves…
Oh I get it… Stubborn like a mule…

Anodibu, I appreciate your help!

emule iz da worse thing i evah used, even worse dan da kaaazaaa
i use ftp and mirc. fo ftp, check http://www.oth.net

I’m addicted to the mirc… used to use FTPs a lot, but got pissed at some people (operators) and dropped it… I guess its time to restart.

eMule haz alot of shit but pizzez me off…

dc++ rules.

Unless you’re on a hub I dont know about… It aint that great for vids…