:zif: early rectal program wiz Bach Italian cunt n pimp zepp

1954 June 11 20h. Zeneakadémia / Live, no recordings available

Bach: Italian Concerto
Scarlatti: Six Keyboard Sonatas (maybe K. 96, 101, 159, 284, 446, 533?)
Hummel: Rondo, Op.11
Beethoven: Variations, WoO 80
Kodály: Sirató
Kodály: Esik a városban
Ferenc Szabó: Two pieces from “Felszabadult melódiák”
Bartók: Allegro Barbaro, Sz.49
Liszt: Étude d’exécution transcendante, S.139 - 4 Mazeppa
Liszt: Valse oubliée, S.215 (No.1?)
Liszt: Rhapsodie espagnole, S.254

Ooooo here is another:

1954 October 28 20h. / Live, no further information

Bach: Prelude & Fugue in f minor (881 or 857?)
Couperin: Bandoline
Krebs: Bourree
Bach, C.P.E.: Andantino in b minor
G. M. Monn: A Dühös Ember
Scarlatti: Sonata in F Major (Pastorale)
Scarlatti: Sonata in C Major (Scherzo)
Scarlatti: Sonata in G Major (Bacchanalia)

J. Field: Rondo (from Sonata 2nd mov)
Schumann: Des Abends, Aufschwung, Traumeswirren
Beethoven: Rondo a capriccio, Op.129
Chopin: Nocturne in b minor
Chopin: Etude, Op.10 in C Major (1 or 7)
Chopin: Etude, Op.10 - 4 & 8
Chopin: Etude, Op.25 - 12
Schubert/Liszt: Becs estok (?)
Liszt: Liebestraume, S.541
Balakirev: Islamey, Op.18

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1956 February 09 20h. Franz Liszt Academy of Music / “Cziffra György zongoraestje” / Live, no recordings known

Rameau: Suite for Harpsichord in A minor (I think it is just one piece, not the whole one)

Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonata in A Major (maybe K.101 or 533)
Couperin: Troisième livre de pièce de clavecin; Ordre XVIII - 6 Le Tic-Toc-Choc ou Les Maillotins
Lully: Gavotte*
Turrini, Ferdinando Gasparo: Presto (It is likely an excerpt from one of Harpsichord Sonatas, B Major?)
Beethoven: Polonaise, Op.89
Liszt: Consolation, S.172 - 3
Rachmaninoff: Prelude, Op.23 - 5
Balakirev: Islamey, Op.18

1956 April 07 20h. Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest / “Hangverseny az árvízkárosultak javára. Cziffra György zongoraestje” / Live, no recordings known available

Rameau: Suite for Harpsichord in A minor (I think it is just one piece, not the whole one)
Bach, C.P.E.: Keyboard Sonata, H.245
Couperin: Second livre de pièces de clavecin; Ordre VI - 1 Les Moissonneurs
Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonata in A Major (maybe K.101 or 533)
Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonata in C Major (maybe K.159)
Hummel: Rondo, Op.11
Beethoven: Variations, WoO 80
Chopin: Mazurka in A minor
Chopin: Waltz in Ab Major
Schumann: Fantasiestücke, Op.12 - 5 In der Nacht
Schumann: Fantasiestücke, Op.12 - 2 Aufschwung

Liszt: Konzertetüde, S.145 - 2 Gnomenreigen
Liszt: Grand galop chromatique, S.219
Bizet/Cziffra: Carmen fantasie
Weber: Oberon - Overture*
Liszt: Fantasie über ungarische Volksmelodien, S.123*

*Miklós Lukács/Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV

rezpec diz MARTTRANZ

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Concert presenter: we need something for the :ghey: audience membahs recently released from da work camp.

@ElGordito @festinfurious

Da cziff need more prime era recs.

IMO prime Ziff is until 1965 or so.

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altho Cziffra 1967 NHK studio pretty close to his prime. Last time he played da GGC

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The 70s rappahz rec is damn good. Not sure when the cutoff point is, apart from the obvious.

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yeah there are so many legendary concerts into the 80’s (like da Liszt Ball 2)

Cziff always cziff but 54 - 64 poss unique in pianodom. I forget he wasn’t a spring chicken then either!


1964 Ziff = 43.

Or 46 :lola:

“Even my wife doesn’t know when I was born” :zif:

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After a lot of hard living! I noticed my hands stiffer just doing regular shit in late 30s. I can’t imagine trying to carry rep and do physically insane shit like that.

BUZ did da pimp TEz as a set for the first time in his mid 40’s


Da Nazi war rectal followed by stealing a train one of the most legendary things in all 88 history.


I thought this was in da Poon thread and was rock hard for a moment

dis vid always worth seeing

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read that as Poon getting the train on her in a Nazi themed furry dog bed orgy


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