🇺🇸 election noztradathread

  • biden win :older_man:
  • :trump: win

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I iz PUTIN all ma money on a TRUMP win fo zhor :putin: :money_with_wings: :trump:

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Da trump will lose big unless he finds a way to index on non physical ballots like they were curiously planning prior to mail in for corona. My guess is some white supremacist douche will head to kinkos print some fake ballots take a pic and send into fox news and our democracy will crumble amidst several legal battles all exploited with domestically targeted foregn soft operations to make sure maximum damage takes place here.


Biden to win, :trump: refuze to go cos fakenooz, Biden say OK dat’z fair enuff, cos he forgot about standing in da firzt place.

So… :trump: win?

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Dayum, at leazt 10% chance one of dem dun make it til novembah :sunglasses:


I’m thinking the joe Biden alternate possibly the terry schisvo

Is a sure thing!


Future twist… trounces trump in the debates.

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Mo coherent fo sho

demonstrates a love arts at least… : )


DAYUM da :putin: gettin a bit cocky wiz diz ‘dedickated to da brave mujahadeen warriahz’ move :whale:



Ahahaha da :iran: intahvensheeyat cummah!


Ahahaha mannnn did any mofo zeriouzly think da Iran juz gonna let dat zheeyat zlide? :whale:

Dey prolly 4 monthz away from a nuke at diz point :sunglasses:


Robot Check

“Robot check”?

Wtf. I linked to an Amazon book dizzing :trump:

da :robot: pozz a MAGA mofo :lib:

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Tries again.