Ella Fiztgerald + Oscar Peterson

lesdjinns.org/dasdc/jeff/ell … 0oscar.zip

2 best jazz musician ever, period

haha daim respec 8)

Nice dude.

I’m gonna revive the Jazz forum… it has been dead for too long.

AWESOME ul, jeff :doc:

haha tru I’m gonna pozt sum sheeyat too I think 8)

would haff to agree

i can put up a buttload of Ella if anyone wants.

(i want a buttload of oscar peterson in return though LOL)

Well, I have 120 Oscar Peterson CDs. Make a list of 10-20 that you want, and I’ll post them.

Ella is great, she has a really nice voice BUT I randomly hate scat singing.

Sorry for the late response, but RESPECT for this. Just love these 2, never knew about this disc. UBERthanks

I think I’m going to call time of death on the Jazz forum.

When a rare album like Bill Evans in Paris 1972 gets six views, 1 download and no replies over three weeks, well this place is a graveyard.

Pozzibly Country forum will do better?