Erik Satie - Da moz inzane cumpozah in hiztory?

Diz vid worth it’z own topiq tru :sunglasses:

I don’t have wifi atm, but does it mention the rumour that outwardly he was a total dandy, but when he died, people going into his apartment found shit smeared all over the walls?


Satie a cool guy.

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  • I rise at 7:18; am inspired from 10:23 to 11:47. I lunch at 12:11 and leave the table at 12:14. A healthy ride on horse-back round my domain follows from 1:19 pm to 2:53 pm. Another bout of inspiration from 3:12 to 4:07 pm. From 4:27 to 6:47 pm various occupations (fencing, reflection, immobility, visits, contemplation, dexterity, natation, etc.)”
  • “Dinner is served at 7:16 and finished at 7:20 pm. From 8:09 to 9:59 pm symphonic readings (out loud). I go to bed regularly at 10:37 pm. Once a week, I wake up with a start at 3:19 (Tuesdays).”
  • “I breathe with care (a little at a time). I very rarely dance. When walking, I clasp my sides, and look steadily behind me.”
  • “My expression is very serious; when I laugh it is unintentional, and I always apologize most affably.”
  • “I sleep with only one eye closed, very profoundly. My bed is round, with a hole to put my head through. Once every hour a servant takes my temperature and gives me another.”
  • “I have subscribed for some time to a fashion magazine. I wear a white cap, white stockings, and a white waistcoat.”
  • “My doctor has always told me to smoke. Part of his advice runs: ‘Smoke away, dear chap; if you don’t someone else will.’”

Excerpts from Memoirs of an Amnesiac

Hahaha fuck


Rezpek diz zpeedymofo eating ztrategy!


After reading Walker’s Chopin book, I’ve realized that being a doctor in the 19th C is one of the most chill professions there ever was.


Haha dayum.

ahahah quite da oppozite of chill if u zpecialized in treatment fo

female hyzteria :fire: :sunglasses:


Dats rite!
Jus vibrate dose 16 year old MILFS (while dey are full dressed :dong: ) and deir husband juz zit n observe, smoking indoors.

Den da mofo pays yo azz a wikid 30 cents fo yo services, bows, puts on da top hat n grabs his fuckin cane

Doze wuz da days.

At da same tym, youths who got caught playing wiz deir DONG got forced Circumcisions.


They will be saying this about TM’s office at his new job at Rutgers.


I won’t accept that offer.

They must think I’m

  1. High
  2. Not a real joo