Ervin Nyíregyházi

What a legend

He simply pounds the piano to shit

Some examples:

Meph waltz:

n this…lol

He must have been something in his prime, but the novelty of hearing these performances has long worn off for me.


His mazeppa is wikid

According to Sandor, he played all the repeated note figures in the Totentanz WITH ONE FINGER :whale: :whale:

Haha nice. We had a masterclass recently with the dutch pisnist bart van oort, and he demonstrated the scarlatti D minor sonata with repated notes where he used 1 finger, while achieving insane speed.

theres a challenge for your recuerdos transcription 8)

Actually had to do that on a piano once that didn’t have double-escapement action; I thought my arm was going to fall off.

I had a class with that mofo as well. What did you think?

it was pretty good actually. A great masterclass, really good lecture and an awesome concert where he played the hell out of the hammerklavier. All of his teaching made really good sense, and he invited me to come to the hague for studying. What did you think?

Ahahaha, there’s some rumors here about him starting a relationship with a 15 year old Asian girl :smiley:

Really? wow.

wtf is wrong with people

hahahahah diz meph endin :ho: :brotha: :comme:

pozz pozt mo recz of diz mofo

it was kinda a bit of an f’ed up class in the first place - it ended up being completely open and anyone and everyone ended up playing so some of the people that put their name down didn’t get much time at all.
I played Clementi - he basically (in laymen’s terms) made me reduce the volume of all the f passages (I do anything but bash however) which for me kinda killed the drive. I guess fortepiano practice…