Etsuko Hirose

Rezpec diz chick!

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I was going to post her Lyapunov disc, but I figured nobody would be interested.

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Haha wtf, you figured wrongly :dong:

How does the playing compare to Scherbakov & Kentner?

Kentner is my favourite rec but I appreciate Scherb for modern sound and some nice touches.

I know @festinfurious is a big Lyap fan and has played a few himself

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I love him as well (and his brother :nerd_face:). He’s had a bit of a mini-revival of late - I wasn’t aware of this recording, but Maltempo recorded the studies as well not long ago (rather poorly IMO), Hamelin has showed some interest, and Florian is of course in full swing with his piano music in general. It really bugs me no one seems to have recorded Hamelin in the studies he played!

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Maltempo is insanely infuriating - GREAT rep choices, SOLID tech, capacity to learn so much good material but his musical/interpretive instincts are so wayward.

Yes, it’s as if he doesn’t care. He can play well though - I like his Alkan studies from Japan, and several heavy weights in the piano world have fallen flat in front of him after recitals they attended early in the decade. No recs though, and I honestly haven’t been too crazy over anything by him myself. But I would go if he plays in my vicinity.

What did you think of Noack’s transcendentals btw?

Who are you talking about?

Feel free to upload dis lady’s Lyapunov CD please.

His brother was a famous mathematician.

I prefer Kentner tbh. I love that disc.

No it’s not that. It’s that there were 3 or 4 men mentioned above, but it was referred to as him.

I’ll confess I’ve not listened to it yet, what’s it like?

I did mean Aleksandr. He left important contributions to mathematical physics, as well as a stability theorem for dynamical systems which is useful in fusion.


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