Faaaaark DaSDC Time machine


Tru. Click on year then date to see previous incarnations of da forum.

Alzo, apparently da site worth $762.53.

dasdc.net receives about 119 unique visitors and 357 (3.00 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $1.60/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $762.53. According to Alexa Traffic Rank dasdc.net is ranked number 1,704,426 in the world and 0% of global Internet users visit it. Site is hosted in Roubaix, B4, France and links to network IP address This server doesn’t support HTTPS and doesn’t support HTTP/2.

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Alzo zumwut legendary :sunglasses:

Zcroll down fo da COMME back in May 2004 ztartin a topic Aspergers and Music :comme:


Alzo note on diz -

A myzteriouz mofo named Comme_Returns appearz to be da only remainin active poztah :lib::lib:


HAHAHA FUCKK zum legendary ancient exchangez wiz da :zepp: da MART n da comme

@da_zepp @k-nar

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DIZ PRE-SDC exchange

A bit BIBLICAL :sunglasses:

In da beginning dere wuz da Chopinfiles…


N a random appearance from da BRU @Brewtality

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Tru, an assortment of legendz in dat thread including da mofo who created diz forum. Look at da ages, we were so young then (I was 18, not 19). Where has the time gone? Btw, @Ashley_Tervort, happy birthday for the other day. Rezpec yo self. :sunglasses:


Appreciated :kangaroo: :koala:

It’s because the site was retrieved in May 2005 not the time of the posts

Tru da sk8er = Nico iirc


MANY pages are on there, in the outer right - when you hold your mouse above and see that the URL contains viewtopic.php

I don’t suppose there is a way to perform a keyword search so I just clicked some random ones and came up with that

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Found a ZEPP topic @da_zepp

‘a true oedipus’

Haha diz alternative fo MOFO neva quite caught on :sunglasses:

'Boliver you command no respec. ’
Concurred wiz da :zepp: :zenzei:

I remember Chozart was a pretty cute Bosnia chick who was a random friend of da ANIMA.

But has she lost her glow, or retained it :lib: :brunei:

I’m almost certain that she would’ve lost it. I can stalk anima’s fb and try and find her.


You can decide for yourself.

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Da Bar a bit underrated in dat poll.

Hahahah fuck! I vil pozz requezt :sunglasses:

How about this one?

Tru, da bru hav an insane ability to remember people’s names.

Hahah wtf da NIJNJT?

Tru. I have mixed feelings about diz chick, because she used to delete a lot of my posts. :sunglasses:

Haha she was a strict biatch on da forum but on msn zumwut mo chill :sunglasses:

If I rezheeyat erectly da ZEPP had a zheeyat fo diz chick :sunglasses: :zepp: