Fastest Prokofiev 7th sonata Allegro Precipitato Ever?

Not exactly the best interpretation but DAYUM that is incredibly fast. And more accurate than most pianists play it at 2/3 the tempo.

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but da fucking middle part sounds like samba or rumba, it’s just too fast!

When she was 12 years old :frowning: I dont like the interpretation, but I just give up anyway, theres no point me trying to play piano anymore.

It’s quite a delight you’re back on PW :comme:

are you kidding me? you can do better than that ho. she can’t even play the notes.

At least Kapustka OWNS the notes. Also, he plays with great clarity, which is required if you attempt these kinds of speeds. That 12 year old just can’t handle it. Respect for the attempt though. Too much pedal.

You wanna see rediculous 11 year old?

THIS kid puts just about anyone to shame in terms of achievement.
Flawless technique at age 11 and very smooth musically as well.

also, look at matti raekallio’s interp. his is fucking fast and is accurate as hell.

To some it is musically compelling , to some it is not. It remains , to this date, the fastest AND the most technically accurate rendering of the hideously difficult Prokofiev Precipitato EVER attempted and carried by a human being. Everything else is already a history, subject to reading and interpretation. Jozef Kapustka,piano (Poland).
Haochen Zhang is beyond description. Both of those guys are just aliens who also happen to play the

Kapustka plays that piece absolutely terribly.

Prokofiev 7 is actually a piece of music with an artistic purpose, so naturally, I prefer performances that sound like the performer actually gives a shit about saying something about it.

That being said, it’s about 10x harder technically to play this movement with the degree of control (articulation, dynamics, phrasing, etc.) of say, Gould or Sokolov, than the idiots above.


It s hard to be consensual about a stunt even as impressive as this one, but I do agree that as far as the actual piece of music goes it is far more effective played by, say, Richter or Argerich and those are indeed master interpretations. So take it for what it is: a stunt unique of its kind done with a very flashy and secure virtuoso technique although musically flawed.
I do agree also that it is possibly harder to play it the way Gould or Sokolov does.

I think this is the old discussion about the technique. Technique is not only to play as fast as possible, technique is to play the composer idea as perfect as possible.
The problem of this prok sonate is not only the tempo but the polyphonic work.

i see. and how exactly are we to deduce the “composer’s idea”?

I’ve always wondered that myself. I used to think what was on the printed page was fact and truth, but after some logical thinking and seeing other editions, it becomes clear that the original intention my be lost through translation. For instance: I have a bach wtc bk 1 which has VERY extensive cross references to different manuscripts and editions. Literally every other measure it seems has an ornament in question, a note that could be something else etc. The same is true of articulation, dynamics etc. In my edition of 5 beethoven sonatas, it clearly states in the foreward that beethoven was a messy writer. And through time some staccato marks begin to look like staccatissimo and vice versa. To get to my point, this is the difference between a musician and a pianist. A musician looks for different possibilities within reason, and sometimes out of it as well, to interperet music in a way that is either fresh, pleasing or something else. Sometimes it’s not pretty, sometimes it’s spectacular. However, a pianist simply plays the piano. Sort of like a robot, it just follows the directions, to the letter, ignoring what may feel right to that person, what may sound better, just ploughing through the material as accurately as possible.

this all of course is just my humble opinion :smiley: would love to hear a more educated musicians thoughts on this…

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hahaha, good question!! But looking for the composer´s idea is the art of piano playing… and there´s not just one answer. Even for the composer himself.

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This is clearly faked speed! I can do that with video manipulation.