Fatty and the Feux Follets - in search of carpal tunnel

I’ve been noodling casually for several months now. Ready for a big challenge so gonna relearn the Feux Follets. This was hardest thing I ever played. Some parts in muscle memory 15 yrs later but most will need reconstruction. Will document weekend study bringing it together. Below is a bit “so young” but a good starting game point I’m thinking.

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Rezpec! If u iz learnin diz n gettin bored wiz it at tymz yet ztill want to work on da zame tech - prax da :rocky: 23/9 alzo, tiz a tru gensui piece

Rezpek! I think it’s insanely difficult.

Tru, my slow RH thumb makes da opening of 25/6 mildly impossible. Da FF also a mildly unplayable sheeeyat fo moi

Really? You mean the “trill” or the upward chromatic run. With your tech, I find it hard to believe you can’t play 25/6. Randomly da TONY played a wikid FF when he was like 17.

Can’t do it, da damn trill. I can get by with da Wundah 24 15 method but… no way dat I can do it da standard way…

My left hand can do it like a mofo, ugh

But yeah, most of da 25/6 is comfy but not da opening sheeyat. Not fit fo a pubic (sic) perf

Fatty, I hear some misreads, so I’d recommend checking the score again closely. Left hand tied notes in the beginning etc.

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Yeah, this sort of a temperature test run through to see if could be possible. Gonna put it in the shop and hit it measure by measure with counting and the whole 9… I don’t have my old books so gotta think about fingering differently too with my older more stiff hands. Should be an interesting project.

I shit you not, just spent an hour on this minute of noodles trying to count AND play. FF lived up to rep - FUCK!

Goal is pages 1 and 8 down by end of next weekend in time, with minimal errors at comfortable tempo. Then one super hard page per 2 weeks going forward.



Sounding good.
Tru, da counting out loud also helps u relax yo breath n relieve tension wherevah it ma manifest in da body during super hard rapes

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HAHAHAH REZPEC diz zmooth gensui!! :robot: :fire: :musical_keyboard:

randomly da zepp uzually count by clickin hiz teeth, which iz a kind of up/down mvmt mirrahed by da foot on da pedal. when zynced perfectly diz provide a wikidly rhythmic n FURIOUZ ZOUND :sunglasses:


Oh man that’s a good idea!!! I noticed playing with metronome doesn’t make me feel beats at all. Counting way better.

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ahahahaha tru, da metronome can provide guidance in da early ztagez

but eventually

da FURY vil haff to be anchored on da tickin of yo own BIOLOGIKAL-:clock10: :sunglasses:

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My internal clock a bit more:


Today’s learnings:

It’s too early to count two to a measure instead of four.

Strong beats don’t align with beginning of technical figurations so underlying pulse needs to be rocksolid and counted in to for spot practice.

If I’m too lazy to count and go slow better not to practice then move backward as happened in mid page 1.

Using forearm pressure accents helpful finding place in insane spazz noodles



da WOOF WOOF at 0’21 n 0’24 HAHAHAHA diz zum myzteriouz cg :sunglasses:


Sounds good. But FYI in the opening, the LH Ab is tied between bars 2/3. Same with the LH Gb across bars 4/5.

Randomly, what’s your favourite rec of FF? Richter and young Ash for me, plus live Katsaris for when I need an erection quick. :stuck_out_tongue:

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mANNNNNNNNNNN, I see, ok, yo tech is already fuckin wikid.
daim mofo

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daim da double notes




but tru, diz sounding solid!

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