fav recording of Prokofiev PC no.2


beroff isnt bad either

Ashkenazy is very good.

I have hopnestly not hear to many recs of this piece.

-da Meph

COuld’ve tuned the piano is Ashkenazy’s rec…

Do you mind posting the Beroff?

Actually, could you post the Beroff complete set? I’ve been meaning to buy that for years now, I just always buy something else instead.

I’ll post something sweet in return

Will do

Gimme a day or 2

i just heard gutierrez’s prok 2 and you guys werent shitting me. it was so fucking awesome. it was freakishly crisp and his climaxes were ultra orgasmic.

Not to mention the Berezovsky vid :k-nar:

-da Meph

Beroff’s Prok 2 is well played, but not as good or powerful as Gutierrez’s.

Have you heard his TE8 :open_mouth: ?

-da Meph

I have to agree his TE8 is unbelievable. He made me realize how furiously good that piece can be. But then again, it’s really the only rec of the older Kissin I like…

hahaha da genie TE5 iz 1 of da few recz i lyk of dat sheeyat

da GENIE recent zcrib zon3 rec iz ratha wikid alzo

da GENIE can be random n sheeyat at tymz, but no mo den yo average pro peniz

That live TE5 on vid sucks, haven’t heard a rec though, but I guess it’s the same.

:stop: :whale:

tru duz ne one hav a link fo tha MT prick 2? tru i nevah heard it n am intereztd in hearin thiz

i vil provide thiz MT :rock: 23/9 DEFINITIV juz unzurpazzable rec fo tha mofoz who dun hav it (moz shud)


I wish I had MT’s Prok 2nd from the Jailyard concerto comp finals.


Wow. Lugansky`s proms performance was fuckin legendary!

-da Meph

Can someone plz post the vid of the Lugnasky BBC ? Or at least the audio?

da mozt genzui iz zhura cherkazzky or zome sheeeeeyat lyk dat

shee gensui :rudy:

agreed. he did fuck up the 1st movt cadenza, but it was a near flawless performance otherwise. it is much better than :whale: 's performance.

it was uploaded to gamingforce.