fav recording of Prokofiev PC no.2

any recommendation?

ive randomly never heard any prokofiev…so i cant help u here

ppl gonna start saying “u randomly havent heard MANY composers…”

lol, not da prok, and i dun want to either…

and i havent heard da alkan, or da modernists either…shame on me… :laughing:

Still trying to track down the Bolet/Stokowski live performance, which I’m sure kicks mucho assio.


Personally, I like Gutierrez alot… but my favourite is by a little-known pianist named Daghmar Baloghova. It’s not as virtuoso as Gutierrez, but there’s something about it that just appeals to me.


Alexander Toradze for me.

not a fan of da prok :rectum:

Gutierrez, and Toradze when I want to hear someone bang a piano out of tune.

Well at least Gutierrez doesn’t go overboard. Toradze, on the other hand, goes too far.

My vote for worst Prok 2: Toradze.

Oh yea, the “banging a piano out of tune” was only refering to Toradze.

Gutierrez is just right; however, I sufficed with Ashkenazy’s for months before I got the Gutierrez.

Gutierrez is pretty much the guy that made me realize how exciting this concerto could be. A lot of others I’ve heard aren’t just as exciting, though I’ve only heard the mainstream recs.

Second the Guittierez (his Rach 3 is fantastic too), Volodos played it in nyc, and it was pretty disappointing, unfortuantely.


I heard a Volodos live bootleg once. It was just boring imo, didn’t feel it one bit. Hardly to be called exciting, just notes… Fast ones.

The Kissin live bootleg is pretty lame too.

anything by Kissin is prty lame…

worst famous pianist i heff ever heard, along with Lang Lang…

Well at least watching Lang Lang is like watching comedy central; watching Kissin is like watching someone slowly piss his pants, 'cept the moisture is accumulating on his back.

I don’t think their playing is lame though, each has done something I’ve found interesting.


truly insightful gensui from peeter.

:whale: n guttah

I have nothing against kissin as a pianist. like other pianist he has good and bad days.

-da Meph