I’m on the back end of learning the Liszt Dante sonata. I’ve heard a number of recs on youtube but seem to have run out of good perfs to go by on account of my history being cluttered with 8000 different types of videos. I have my own ideas of this piece of art, but am always looking for others “viewpoints”.

TRU, any Legendz I’z mizzing?? Hate tha Vol, Pisarenko seems like a solid interp. WTF is up with the random trilling in the opening chords?!?! I’d like to hear an honest approach to this fucker. Like on your knees, begging for forgiveness as a hot demon dick lands on your forehead, honest.

My favourites are:

Ogdon, Volodos, Orozco, Leonskaja, Arrau, Berman, Browning, Kentner (orchestrated).

My absolute favourite rec is Zsolt Bognar, SDC Legend.

Randomly I was thinking of posting my rec in the recz section. But it really sucks, so I won’t.

If you excuse da improv sections wiff octz (I don’t mind personal touch, but it’s bit ova da top): Da Vol.
Tru, I’m not a yuge fan of his brotha interps, but in da otha rep he is da trugod.

I thought his op 26 was very nice.
For Dante, my favourite is Andsnes.
Earl Wild is another nice one in addition to those already mentioned.
I remember really liking Zsolt’s but it’s been years since I listened to it.

Gripping & imaginative performance with some small textual changes, but unfortunately not very good sound quality:

Oh it’s very nice indeed, but it’s prolly the repertoire of his I like the least, and in my world da Vol has all seats in top 3 pianists combined.
Most stuff he plays instantly becomes reference for me, LvB being the exception so far.

Is da Vol da Arcadi Vol?

Yes, I tend to agree though this is mostly based on that Beethoven Third I heard him play a couple of years ago which I didn’t think suited his sound.

The Zsolt rec was insanely good.

I like the Cziffra 1959 live rec from Torino 8)

Yes, a pianist I simply cannot get enough of. Will deffo fly out to hear him somewhere next year.
My pm box is always open to Volodos related material :wink:
Been tempted to do a Tony and make a “Let me put it this way…”-thread.

Speaking of Volodos, seems he just bailed on a Beethoven Third in Bern and will be replaced by Lise de la Salle.

Mine too :wink:
He is genuinely outstanding. A real opera singer at the piano, and at least within my top-10 of all time greats.

I agree with you. Hopefully I’ll see him live again the next year, doing some Brahms pieces that he also recorded (that disc is one of his greatest achievements IMHO).

Regarding the Dante, the first Ogdon recording from the 1960s is probably my favorite, along with Sofronitsky from Moscow, albeit the sound quality of the latter is dreadful.