Favorite of the Chinese Trio?

Haha da DONGAH iz da intellectual choice

Fo zheer profundity ov interpretation ov courze Lang Lang iz da winnah

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I voted bazed on da outfitz :sunglasses:

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I c

korean music education is so fucked up, i hate to play into the stereotypes but…

i do wish there would be some creative genius coming out of here, but they wouldn’t get very far in the ‘system’… maybe there are some really awesome players i’m just not aware of tho

I guess those most talented Asian music students are all in the US or Europe now? At least half of the students at our local music school (in US) are East Asian.

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Is that how TM got to be categorized as a minority student to get his sponsorship?

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I did not apply as a minority. Da year dat I got da sponsorship - was da first year dat dey opened up to graduate students.

Recruitment is done directly through institutions, so ma school sent out a mass email n I applied wiz sum of ma sheeyat recs.

But tru, I’m a minority at ma school. :sunglasses:

And NO, I did not list myself as a TRANNY in da application :sunglasses:


There are tons and tons of musically talented people here, I’m complaining mostly about the music education system with its focus on prizes and accuracy and so on (like I said, not that I want to reinforce a racist stereotype, it’s true of the whole education system here, not only music)…

A lot of people who probably COULD have been really unique creative musicians are just taught to pursue different values in playing music, and it’s a total waste of talent. The ones who escape to Europe or US schools (i.e. are at the top here when they’re young) already have that psychology in place when they enter school overseas, I think…


Tianxu at the Tchai last summer illustrated this well I thought. He was very impressive, not only technically, but the human perspective was entirely missing.

He’s not the first pianist where I’ve thought about this. It doesn’t matter how talented you are and how much energy you put in if the goals you work towards are off from the outset.


tru the big problem is the missing emotion. They don’t communicate any. Maybe that’ll turn into a positive in our age of hyperzen (ya u know), but ztill fo now it’s not dat

Yes or art. If you think about Plet/Grieg recently for instance… is emotion the key part of that? I rather think he plays to the cerebral, making music in a way the modernists painted or someone like Bartok composed. But with Tianxu I didn’t find that musical or artistic outlook as he sat down to play. Or it was there but overshadowed by a desire to remind his audience that he’s the most musical industrial robot the world has ever seen.

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Tru the word emotion muddles everything – LL for sure expresses emotion, it’s just a cheap & retarded sort. Nothing to do w/ what you mention. The problem is the word ‘art’ sounds pompous and ‘emotion’ just as bad. Not cultivated? All tru though.

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Iz he da mofo they ztarted da wrong concerto at da finals?

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Yeah that was him


Ahahahaha da perception of ‘artizdick quality’ or ‘emotion’ can be largely


Zo one type of phrazin or interp wud zound emotionlezz to euro mofoz but hily movin to an azn audience, n vice verza


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but harshly as chinese asian mofos don’t have a classical music european history kultur, it is a little irrelevant

Ahahah tru diz iz y tiz wikid to live in a world where yo culture iz dominant

No zhame in admittin dat :sunglasses:

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Actually da zheeyat iz dat maybe clazzical muzik cummah from european hiztory

But da legacy ov da muzik iz univerzal and can be appreciated by any culcha dat acceptz it

Modern weztern culcha zee clazzical muzik az ‘uncool’ and attach a ztigma to it

Whereaz azian culcha keepz clazzical muzik alive by appreciatin it wizout all da ztupidity ov ztigmaz

Azianz haf mo rezpec fo da European muzical legacy den actual Europeanz haf, and diz carryin on da torch in different countriez and culchaz zhowz da univerzality ov muzik, da univerzality ov da human experience, and unitez uz all by realizin racial differencez are zkin deep



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I do howeva think dat it wud vary depending upon each individual compoza how dey wud feel about deir muzik bein played by zo many Azianz

Zum wud think itz awezome and love it, and zome wud pozz be dizguzted wiz it