Favorite of the Chinese Trio?

  • Li Yundi
  • Lang Lang
  • Yuja Wang

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Probably Yuja. Not a big fan of any of them TBH

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Who da best koreans… harshly more interesting for a tiny place.

Me neither. Chinese pianists usually end up either too wild or too robotic. I taught piano for a while in China and none of my students had any foundation in phrasing or expression. Huge problem in China.

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I quite like Seong Jin-Cho…but don’t know many other Koreans. HJ Lim? Yeol Eum Sol? Nahre Sol? Can’t think of much more

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Hmm cho like a better yundi and hj like a way better Lang

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Is licad Korean? No is Filipino

Ahahaha da general view iz dat

Chineze mofoz r lackin in innovation n creativity

Keep repeating dat zentence :sunglasses:

Dey got fou Tsong tho… OG wierdo



Maybe not a weirdo but poet type. I gotta go deep on his catalogue at some point.


Ahahah da DONGAH n da HANDJOB r both uniquely legendary

Da CHO haff a wikid zmooth ztylee but cud be cuntzidahed bland n lackin in FURY by SDC ztandardz

Da SHRIMP bazically a retired mofo

Da YUJA very gud in a huge amount of zheeyat but too ztraight n pozz borin, a bit lyk da DOC :sunglasses:

Yuja is in another class entirely. I feel like Yundi and LL are more marketing than substance, while Yuja can hold her own against anyone.


Ahahaha to uze da moz cliched reazonin of all

Da fact dat

he iz known fo bonin da :orgy: n da :orgy: iz not known fo bonin him

Tell moi all I need to noe about da relative artizdick legacy of dem two peniztz, harzhly :sunglasses:

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And How about the best Japanese?

Yuja, if I had to pick from these current 3. But overall I’d say Liu Shikun.

Diz old zchool legend :sunglasses:


I love the Chinese/Classical fusion pieces like the Yellow River and the Butterfly Lovers concerti. Very nostalgic tunes.

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ahahahaha i feel lyk probably tha moz talentd of theze 3 iz YUJA but tru i votd for tha DONGAH :dong: