Favorite Pianists Thread

Here is my list:

Ginzburg, Sofronitsky, Friedman, Moiseiwitsch & Lhevinne.

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Gilels, Lupu, Sokolov, Aimard, Bolet

:rock: , sock, gilels, gould, ruby, :rectum: , moiseiwitsch

FUCK - I totally forgot to mention Rachmaninoff.

The 10 I just can’t do without:
Friedman, Rachmaninoff, Schnabel, Gould, Moiseiwitsch, Horowitz, Gilels, Richter, Barere, Rosenthal.

Others that could make the top 10 depending on the day:
Godowsky, Lhevinne, Busoni, Hofmann, Petri

Other greats:
Feinberg, Ogdon

Currently-active pianists that I like:
Older: Kuerti, Freire, Lupu, Kocsis, Sokolov
From newer generation: Berezovsky (probably most outrageous virtuoso temperament of current pianists), Bronfman, Lugansky, Subdin, Volodos (incredibly gifted pianist, sublime at his best), Scherbakov

ahhaha dayum tha JAKE betrayz tha ZIFF :ziff:

Tiz tru. I love some of his playing, but for me, he just doesn’t make the “great pianists ever” cut.

This is a very difficult question so I will just point out some:

Gilels, Richter, Rubinstein, Horowitz, Pollini (early)

no-one mentioned Ginzburg?

Check those live recording out.

that applies for me with Berezovsky, alot of his live recordings are just abysmal, though he is really good sometime

i also do not understand what’s great about his Tch1, as much as he raves about it himself

Rachmaninoff, Friedman, Busoni, Feinberg, Richter, Hofmann, Gieseking, Gilels, Annie Fischer, Fiorentino, Sofronitsky, Solomon, Gould.

In no particular order…
Kemal Gekic, Horowitz, Volodos, Gilels, Lugansky

wtf i thought i posted in this thread…

Richter, Sokolov, Sofronitsky, Mickey

and many others to a slightly lesser extent

Based only on 76.02 minutes of playing?

Yes. Plus I’ve read every book about him, seen a number of his concert programs, listened to his compositions, read hundreds of reviews of his concerts. It’s quite clear to me that he was one of the finest pianists that ever lived.

I’d say so. His Bach p&f are the best perfs of thse works (love the clarity, romanticism, fermatas)…His HR 13 is more dazzling than Volodos’. His chorale prelude perf is technically jaw dropping.

From newschool: Volodos, Lugansky, Berezovsky etc.

I really like Neuburger. Will have to listen to more stuff but he seems very promising.

Kapell, Lipatti, :ho: :ziff: :rock: Friedman, Cortot, Feinberg, Sofronitsky, Moiseiwitsch, and of course many others.